Top Advantages of PPC Advertising

Top Advantages of PPC Advertising

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There is a myriad of online marketing resources that can help websites in raising their traffic, brand awareness, and conversion rates. One of the best online marketing tactics is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), where the goal is to optimise your website for Search Engines, both on-page and off-page, to boost your organic search results listings. Whilst SEO has proved to be very successful, it takes a reasonable level of knowledge, time, and money to see fruition.


But what if you need to see results as soon as possible? Regardless of whether your website has just been published or you’re a local business that simply can’t rival the marketing budgets of nationwide competitors, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an excellent tool that can assist you by positioning your ads in front of users who are actively looking for your services or products.


In short, PPC is an advertising model used to raise traffic to websites. Website owners develop ad campaigns with specific targeting metrics and essentially pay Search Engines each time their ad is clicked. PPC ads are generally created through Google AdWords or Bing Ads and are positioned on top of SERP listings before any organic results. The benefits that many websites harvest from this sort of advertising is invaluable, so here are the top advantages of PPC advertising for your firm.


Measurable Results

One of the top advantages of PPC advertising is the opportunity to quantify and track your results in real-time. Whether or not you set your daily budget to $5 or $50, there are a selection of high level performance indicators that can be assessed, for example impressions, clicks, cost-per-click, conversions, and ROI to name a few. These metrics allows website owners to immediately determine the overall performance of their campaigns and quickly make tweaks where necessary to maximise performance. Unlike other advertising avenues, PPC gives you the freedom to customise and track metrics in every campaign and monitor success depending on your advertising goals.


Quick Entry

PPC allows any type of company to set up their advertising efforts quickly and conveniently, without presenting too much risk with the capacity to specify a maximum daily budget. Even though SEO is a very powerful strategy, it regularly takes many months to experience results so if you’re a new firm that wants to escalate traffic and brand awareness without delay, PPC is ideal for you. Developing ad campaigns is all done from the PPC platform, allowing websites to cast a wide net to acquire new leads and customers by displaying ads at the top of SERP listings.


Highly Targeted Traffic

PPC advertising enables you to customise your campaigns so they only display to highly targeted customers. Google AdWords allows you to target customers based upon keywords, interests, location, and the times and days you wish to display them, enabling websites to spend their advertising budget only on their niche audience. Websites can then examine the metrics that were used in conversions and strengthen their future campaigns based upon this feedback. Advertisers commonly take a multi-layered approach to begin with and narrow down the specific metrics of a campaign that works best for their particular target audience.


Valuable Data

Being able to export the results of an ad campaign and analyse certain metrics provides websites with valuable data which could be used in other marketing channels. In addition to this, websites can quickly learn about impression, click, and conversion data for every keyword or phrase used in their ad campaigns which drastically assists in their SEO endeavours. PPC also makes it possible for websites to discover data about their competitors by utilising 3rd party tools such as SpyFy and KeywordSpy, allowing them to construct a profile of their competitors and what market share is readily available.


As you can see, PPC is an amazing marketing tool that is suitable for all types of businesses. Not only are advertisers in complete control of their budget, target audience, and ad campaigns, the data acquired from real-time results offers invaluable feedback to bolster future marketing initiatives. The best aspect of PPC advertising is that there is very little risk involved with set daily budgets, so why not give it a go today?


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